Dragvette products to improve car handling and performance

September 5, 2012 in Auto Blog, Car Designs, Car designs by users by K.R

The big auto manufacturers have a huge research arm with millions of dollars of funding for developing suspension technology; on a much smaller yet innovative level I met a gentleman Mr Steve Yates at a car show. He had a peculiar contraption with a set of car wheels on his stall and as I was walking by I saw the wheels move up and down. This caught my attention and I stopped to find out what was going on.

dragvette suspension by steve yates

He showed me two spirit levels, one on each of the wheels. While the wheels were moving up and down he asked me to take a look at the spirit levels. The one on the right had its bubble dancing left and right while the wheel was moving – this was expected of course, however the bubble in the spirit level on the left wheel, stayed at dead center. This was quite amazing, and immediately I could understand that something like this will make the handling much better in a car when it went over bumps and negotiated turns.He  showed me a testimonial by a racer who’s car had improved by 2 seconds a lap and had maintained even temperatures on the tires with the Dragvette suspension installed.

He also explained to me what he had done to the left wheel to make it so stable however I won’t bore you with the details, you can find the details on his website www.dragvette.com .

Mr Steve Yates can be contacted at:

7205 Flutter Rd.

Fort Wayne, IN 46835

Phone: 877-422-0943

website: www.dragvette.com

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